Online Yoga Teachers Training Program 1st October2020

This program is design for detailed learning in yoga , You can also Learn how to teach basic and intermediate yoga to others ​, We also gives training on how to enhance your teaching skill and scope, training on introducing yoga in international platforms and overcoming cultural barriers and introducing yoga in the most scientific manner,  The training course conducted online by Mr.Sreejith Balakrishnan, Anatomy and physiology session and basics of Ayurveda is conducted by Ayurveda doctor.

Course duration

Total 200 Hours , Per day  3 Hours , Weekly 3 classes( Sunday, Tuesday , Friday). Minimum 6 months .


 This course is affiliated with International Institute of wellness and hospitality (, Certificated approved by Skill development Government of India .For certified teachers, post‐training support will be provided by us on various levels. A continuing training process may be required for teachers to maintain their certification on an ongoing basis.


Course conducted online through zoom and in English 

Study requirements 

The course requires personal discipline, involvement, dedication, and commitment to the process offered.

100% attendance in all classes is mandatory.

Students  are  expected  to  follow  the  program  schedule  strictly. Students need to practise prescribed yoga regularly offline and need to update video assignments . 


  • Asana 

  • Pranayama

  • Mudras and bhandhas

  • Jalaneti

  • Lagooshankhaprakshalanam 

  • Kunjalkriya or Gajakarma 

  • Yoga Nidra basic and advanced 

  • Meditation ,Hridayakasha dharana

  • Meditation ,Chithakasha dharana

  • Kriya Yoga Meditation 

  • Trataka 

  • Advanced Suryanamaskaram 

  • Yoga phylosophy 

  • Anatomy and physiology 

  • Ayurveda basic phylosophy 

  • Sathvic diet 

  • Basic learning about reflexology and pressure points in the body .

  • Mathra Yoga 

Planning Classes and Modules

Students will learn how to prepare more than 48 different modules, including 1‐day, 3‐day, 1‐week, 2‐week, and 1‐month modules, as well as drop-in classes.  Students will learn how to prescribe different modules based on participant needs, as well as receive real-life training on different class situations that may arise.
These formats offer the flexibility to teach ongoing Hatha Yoga sessions, individual yoga tutoring, and extended yoga workshops.  Designed by Sreejith , these modules cover unique dimensions of Hatha Yoga .

To complete initiation to  matra yoga segment  the participant has to visit Our SreeShivayoaYoga center in Kerala for two days within 10 months after completion of the program (optional)


How Much Does teachers training program Cost?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “How Much Does teachers training program Cost?And with all of the authentic learning as well as the post training support  for life time ,that comes with this program  it’s not surprising that the regular price of the course is Rs.80000 /USD 1100 per person , 

But, because the present global challenging time we’re going to give you an offer for a limited period of time .


Instead of paying the regular Rs.80000/$1100 if you book this month , you can get our program for the low price of just Rs.25000/$450 per person .

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